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We wish to welcome you to TPM's brand new website! Here we will present our latest news, so keep a lookout for new great orders, company developments or other large events! Please feel free to visit our Services and see for yourself what we might offer, and if you would like to learn more about our company you may find it beneath This is TPM.


Now that the summer has finally arrived, it may be fun for You locals in Gävle to know that TPM will take up the continuation of the façade treatment of Valbo Köpcentrum by subcontracting for Mej Bygg AB! The gray-shifting shade that we covered parts of the mall in the summer of 2015 will connect with the remaining façade areas, but the stores that wait to be built inside in the new wing of the mall will as well be treated by TPM!

TPM would like to advertise of our new cooperation with Redeko in Gävle. We feel very satisfied working with an accounting firm with expertise in their field. Our close work with the Office Manager Gunilla Noreng in particular has simplified our everyday view at our economic aspects and each day we see new possibilities. Link to Redeko can be found here!


The summer is in full swing as well as our team that maintains the costumer tanks for AGA Gas and Air Liquide around the country! Our collaboration with these two great corporates gives us the opportunity to treat the exterior of over 200 tanks this year alone in both Sweden and Norway. The process for maintaining the tanks has been simplified considerably since TPM invested in their very own two sky lifts with a reachable height of 18 meters!


Innovation propensity is an attribute that TPM always have had; a particular example can be discerned at Scandic Järva Krog just north of Stockholm! There, we have conducted facade renovations since the summer of 2015. And now when the final inspection is approaching, we have taken the help of rope workers for treatment of an otherwise almost inaccessible surface area of the hotel. Thanks to Klätterservice AB, we will soon have fully completed our work there for Pandox AB! Link to Klätterservice AB can be found here!


This autumn, we have been assisting Triennium Fastighetsentreprenad AB for what concerns refreshing a number of playgrounds spread across the town of Gävle. The work concerns scraping and general painting of fences, swings, slides and more. So when you see your kids playing in the climbing frames, it might very well have been TPM's work with the paintbrush! Link to Triennium can be found here!


Yet another major maintenance work has been ordered from AGA Gas AB and is in full motion in Sandviken. Their facility called Kolonnen and its 45 meter high cooling tower has been in need of mainly grit blasting and protective coating. The tower is considered to be completed in all its splendor and glory later this autumn. TPM have collected experience from about 3 decades of similar treating assignments previously rendered to AGA, among many, in Avesta, Stenungsund and Luleå.


TPM and AGA Gas has now signed a 3-year contract which refers to managing maintenance painting of production units in the entire North, together with the regions in the Baltics! During the last 16 years, TPM has operated the general maintenance painting of AGA’s costumer tanks in all of both Norway and Sweden. Hopefully, this newfound partnership can continue and generate even more opportunity for growth in the future!

We welcome the New Year 2017 along with our new client for a local project! The procurements are now completed for the
renovation of Staffanskyrkan in Gävle, and TPM can proudly present that Winther Bygg AB have appointed us to operate the painting construction that will take off this spring. Window work and gold plating together with the general painting treatment of the church will be conducted through TPM. Link to Winther Bygg AB can be found here!


TPM has long worked toward a standard equal to ISO 9001- and 14001:2015 for quality processing and environmental management. We are therefore thrilled to announce that on the 13/12-2016 Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut acknowledged TPM:s ownership of the two certificates above. So far, this is the most comprehensive improvement in the organization’s history, and with the assist of our consults from DMk Miljö- kvalitetskonsult AB we will continue to develop and maintain a worthy TPM-standard!